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Hello Project Caelus Team! The commitment and professionalism you display is beyond impressive. One of my favorite aspects of your project is the outreach to your community via free tutoring and the teaching of STEM topics. Those same students you tutor may become members of the team in future years. With that, I believe it is crucial for the team to document as much as possible. Documenting ensures that the future team can carry on the legacy. Recruitment of new members is also important. Keep up the fantastic work!


Antonio commented on The Effects of Road Salt on Forest and Lotic Ecosystems

Hey Christopher! Other than the ecosystem, salt also has potential to harm the roads and vehicles on the roads. I believe that to raise awareness these factors also need to be highlighted and considered. With some research you could work through the calculations and assign a cost value to society for the use of road salt (ecosystem, vehicle damage cost, and infrastructure cost). You might also have to compare the cost of alternatives. Icy roads can offer a lot of hazards and it would be important to verify that the alternatives keep drivers and pedestrians safe (or safer). With this evidence you could develop an even stronger case towards cutting back or eliminating salt use. In addition you might face opposition from salt companies (those who make a living from mining and selling salt for this use). I can see you are committed! What your research has revealed is incredible! Good luck!


Antonio commented on The Green Sleep Project

Hello Isha! Your project is very inspiring. The idea to create mats from plastic bags is truly innovative. I like your new concept for recycling plastic water bottles to 3D printer filament. I think you could even take this idea a step further and use the plastic bottle printer filament to make items for the homeless (or those in poverty). Keep pushing forward and innovating! Good luck!