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Thanks so much for your ideas, comments, and inspiration!!!! I have begun implementing these items; however, I may need your help:
I am new to Changemakers and I am not sure how to add these items (you mentioned) to my project proposal for changemakers. I was under the impression that all edits had to be completed by the deadline.
I want to become more deeply involved with "Changemakers" and build collaborative relationships with other trail-blazers who want to transform this world.
May I call you to start a dialog on how I might proceed. Today, I am working on Bach's Cello Solo in G Major for the bell choir!!!!!

My phone is (702) 824-2877........ Please leave a message if I do not answer. I do a lot of "odd jobs" to pay for ARBECY..... sometimes I can not get to the phone. I really appreciate your thoughts...... I am only an inventor with dreams of changing this world for the "Better".  I may need help with some of the things my wife calls "Common Sense".  My invention, ARBECY, is my contribution to our world....It is the 1st vibration code of reading music (and performing music) in only 2 minutes.  I have a local Physical therapist article on ARBECY's impact on TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) where the patient progressed with music (like Gabby Giffords-Tucson Congresswoman shot) because music is processed in a different way that spoken words BY THE BRAIN!!!!  


Thanks Again,

Jerry Simon