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Empowering the next generation through educational resources.

Empowering the next generation through educational resources.

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Arun commented on Hotels for the homeless (No charge)

What a great cause and the idea! I love your creativity. I am from California and would love to connect our ideas. I have an idea also benefiting poor neighborhoods (LiftPack) and making diagnosis more affordable through Nano Sensors. Would like to hear your thoughts.


Arun commented on Operation Sustain

Great, great cause! Thank you for doing this. Unfortunately, very few people are thinking about this. I have two ideas (Lift Pack and Nano Sensors) I am bringing forward for the benefit of society and may be you can share your views about them.


Arun commented on Unwind

What a great idea! We have similar audience in one of my ideas LiftPack and similar field of work Biomed in my other idea of developing NanoSensors. How do you feel about expanding your idea to under developed areas?