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Anthony commented on NAL-NayLilly

Great work, Naomi! Networking plays an essential role to be successful in the professional workforce. If those networks aren't diverse, then how are we going to ensure professions are diverse? With your platform, this issue could be addressed. I'd be curious to see if folks could not afford to pay if they would still be able to access the platform?


Anthony commented on BLK Capital Management, Corp.

Amazing idea, Angel! As a young African American nonprofit leader, I agree that it is important for us to build a meaningful pipeline for young African Americans to have access to develop wealth and gain workforce opportunities. Your idea is very simple and is focused on a specific demographic. I'd be curious to see if you thought about finding the capital that could be given to the students you work with to invest in stocks that could help young African Americans start building their wealth either before/after college.


Anthony commented on Prison Reform

This is great Nicole! As for someone who has also had loved ones go through the criminal justice system and interning for prosecutors, I agree that we need to make reforms to the system that is more human and just. I'd love to hear more about the specifics of your project, in other words, what specifically will you do to provide community resources to those who need it the most?