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Cara commented on Mozambique School Lunch Initiative

Hi Mouhamadou,

Thank you so much for your feedback and shared enthusiasm! We look forward to growing this initiative.

Dear Robi Del Rosario,

I am very interested in your idea of using aquaponics for both nutritional and income needs. I was wondering if you could comment more on how you selected the initial families that have been working in your pilot?

Also, in your Buy 1- Give 1 model, who do you aim to sell the aquaponic units to? Have you managed to sell any so far?

Finally, what do you see as the main challenge to scaling up your idea? I totally agree that this could have a lot of impact and is a great intervention that should reach more people!

Best wishes,
Cara Myers

Mr. Andarge,
I am very interested in your idea of using moringa to combat malnutrition in Ethiopia. I have seen other moringa-related initiatives in other countries in sub-Saharan Africa but I have yet to see moringa really take off in any of these cases. I am curious how you have managed to promote moringa to become so popular among beneficiaries?
Additionally, I was wondering if you could share more on your financial sustainability plan. Have you received other funding besides the USAID grant and do you plan to operate as a non-profit, for-profit, or hybrid model moving forward?
Looks very exciting!

Best wishes,
Cara Myers