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Carla commented on StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme

I am a Streetvet Nurse. I started outreaching in Brighton 2 years ago. I know how much difference we have made to many people of no fixed abode in Brighton and their beloved animal companions. Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows they have the greatest capacity to provide unconditional love...The gentle nudge of a wet nose or a lick on the hand comes unbidden when we’re upset or feeling down... There is in fact nothing artificial that could ever replace that sheer authenticity of feeling...
At Streetvet we provide free vet care to the homeless and their beloved animal companions every day 24/7 because both, our clients and patients, deserve our love and respect. Our clients do take great care of them. They stay on the streets because there is hardly any place they can stay overnight that would take them with their pet. Thank you for considering their application. Best wishes
Carla Finzel, Registered Veterinary Nurse, Streetvet Nurse and founder of the Veterinary District Nurse role.