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We believe that basic, safe sanitation is a big solution to solve major health and environmental problems in developing economies. We actually hope to find a larger partner to work with us in location to develop this technology into a solution. (A larger non-profit/non-governmental group could be a powerful, effective partner to deploy this technology.

Samantha, Thank you for the feedback. The technology is challenging to explain in a short paragraph. We are already beginning to deploy this technology for larger-scale applications. We are looking for partners in areas where much better basic sanitation is needed. As a US-based company, we will need partnerships in other places to assist with deployment. There is a tremendous amount of energy in human waste. Lack of sanitation in some countries has big consequences for human health. Our technology can solve that problem, and also generate clean energy (DC power), off of human waste.

Thank you Mouhamadou. As a start-up, we are also working on developing this technology for industrial wastewater treatment (which is also very energy intensive). To help solve the problem of basic sanitation, we will need regional partners. Any suggestions/connections you have that may further that goal would be appreciated.