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Hi, Doug. I appreciate the kind words and the encouragement. We worked closely with school counselors to create a guidance lesson curriculum so the counselors reinforce the message during those lessons in very creative ways.   They do an amazing job of working with students to discuss words and actions they've put into the Tacky Box and uncover any deeper issues.  We also provide copies of our award-winning book, from which the musical was created, to keep in the classroom for teachers.  They create reading and writing lessons to reinforce the message, not just in circle time when the story is read, but through actual academic lessons.  Lastly, we provide the script and musical score to music programs and allow free rein to art programs to use the characters for art projects.  So, Tacky Box touches so many parts of the elementary experience, reinforcing the adoption of personal responsibility for a student's own words and actions.  The success of our program stems from the power of choice paired with repetition during Tacky Box Time and in as many other ways as possible.  Please let me know if this answers your question.  I so appreciate you taking the time to learn about Tacky Box!  All the best to you as well!  -C