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Really love the collaboration and partnerships and your approach is very data driven and based on needs identified quantitatively. Beyond grants, have you thought about how to help pay for your services? Would love to learn more about the Pathways to Financial Empowerment model.


Christopher Linder commented on Philadelphia Financial Empowerment Centers

Great partnerships and like how you embedded with legal services. Nice to see the model is being replicated in other cities as well. My biggest question would be sustainability to support the existing work and to serve more people. Would love to learn more about the FEC model and how it could be applied/adapted to rural areas!


Christopher Linder commented on $tand By Me Financial Empowerment Program

Hello - pretty amazing how you all are doing this for the entire state and I love the level of partnerships you have established! My biggest concern would be sustainability - if government priorities changed especially. We'd love to learn more from you as we scale up in a similar way in Maine!