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Carson commented on Students in Politics (SIP)

There is such a strong need for creating spaces for open civic discussion, especially when the country is so politicly divided and a significant portion of the population didn't even bother to vote in the presidential election, so bravo to you for championing this initiative! As you develop this concept further, I would ask you to think about ways you can take the influence beyond the classroom and out into society, as it is not just students who need this influence. Best of luck to you!


Carson commented on PAL: Products for Autism Lifestyle

This is a great example of using tech for good, and what you've invented sounds unlike anything that I've ever heard of before. My friend's daughter is on the autism spectrum and she's nonverbal, so as I was reading this I kept thinking of her and how this could help their entire family, as they often do not know what triggered one of her meltdowns. There is so much research and data backing this that although I wish the text was accompanied by a photo or sketch of the shirt, I feel confident that this product is going to be a success and improve people's lives. As the meltdown detection continues to grow and surpasses 70%, I think you will have a truly unique product that many people will want. The question for me then becomes, how affordable will this be? Will those from low-income families be able to afford it as well as those from comfortable situations? If the prototype goes well, this could be such a game-changer that it would be a shame if the cost was prohibitive. Really stellar idea and I hope you get the funding to launch this!


Carson commented on Project Beanstalk

The gaming world - especially game creators - is as you said, very much lacking in diversity. I fully support your initiative to make the industry more inclusive and to bring vital perspectives to coding and developing games. You have a lot of great ideas; I think the key part to focus on is your strategy for how you will promote awareness of inclusivity and diversity through the release of your first game. Also, I know the game is still in the development stage, but if you can give some concrete plot points, a storyboard, or a general storyline of the game to illustrate how it tells a story of inclusivity, those details will help to communicate your vision to others while the game mechanics are still in the works. Can't wait to see the final game!