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Carson commented on InnovaYouth

I'm in awe of what you've been able to accomplish. Empowering other people to find their voice and their passion for social change is a worthy & necessary goal no matter where in the world you are. Last year one of the T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge winners was Dual School, and from what I remember they might be an interesting organization to collaborate & partner with. Maybe in the future InnovaYouth and Ashoka could collaborate on a project together! Best of luck to you.


Carson commented on Junior Wildlife Ranger

The network of Junior Wildlife Rangers you've started is a powerful way to get people from all walks of life excited about environmental education & protection! There is a lot of sophistication happening here in the design of the program and in way you enable other Rangers to design their own curriculum. The idea of collecting digital badges is really exciting too. Is there any curriculum-sharing platform that could be used among Rangers to help each other learn from each other? Really great work, and best of luck!


Carson commented on Jump Anywhere in the World (JAITW)

This is a highly creative way to encourage important skills and empathy-based actions in the players. Your strategy for awarding players J-coins is really well thought-out, and from what I saw in the trailer the game design is sophisticated. The title Jump Anywhere in the World intrigues me; I would love to read a bit more about the gameplay and the different worlds/places, and how the characters 'jump' from place to place. My questions for you to develop this further are - Is there a way for characters/players to freely communicate with each other and get rewarded for their actions? Also, are the issues of cyberbullying, anxiety, and depression directly referenced in the game, or does it exclude them completely - choosing instead to model good behaviors only? I'm very intrigued and hope I'll get the chance to play this game! Best of luck to you!