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Awesome idea! I like how you use local context ideas to create more nutritious food and help foster business with smallholders. My question are the products your promoting already used in the area? Or are people converting to eating an entirely new food? Will it be hard to get people to switch over from what they used to be eating to your new products?

Hey there! This is a great way to turn normal behavior that we're taught under consumerism and turn it on its head. I think it highlights how commerce is dictated by large corporation in developed countries and the smallholder farmer is left with very little. My question is how did have an open market with no-price on it overcome the fear that the vegetable were from Fukushima? What made customer overcome this fear? Did you tell them it was from Fukushima?

Awesome idea! I think its great that your highlighting that while millions are under-nourished or starving millions of pounds of food is being thrown away for no good. My question is who is your target market? You say your product is gluten-free, are you targeting higher income customers that care about these type of 'natural' ingredients? It would be great if you somehow turned this product into something that was able to reach the people that are suffering for food wastage.