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Thank you for your remarks. The vulnerable in the society in Kenya are young children, lactating women, pregnant women and the elderly in rural areas and the low income urban areas.
We are currently focused on school going children (4-7 years old) in the pastoralist communities by using localized micro processing units in communities where the yogurt is made by the community under our supervision and training then served to the early school going children.
The milk is sourced from the parents who are willing to spare a litre or more to be used for the yogurt. They earn some revenue from the supply of milk.
Each new child entered to the school is given a basic check on their health status from weight and body mass index, this is monitored all along the feeding program.
We also give incentives for the parents who carry our customized nutrition program to their homes. This is done to prevent parents neglecting the continuity of feeding the family with balanced diets simply because the children have been fed in schools.
All fruits are sourced from farmers from other regions in Kenya that are high producers of the fruits especially when they are in season. we follow up the agronomy of the fruits using our agronomist who visits the farmers to make sure that each farmer complies to a customized feeding program.
Valley Green Farm then purchases all the grade 2 fruits and converts them into pulp to be used in the real fruit ambient yogurts.
Our concern is monitoring and reducing waste from the farms, markets (those grade 1s that are not sold in time), we buy milk from farmers for the yogurts and we encourage localized micro-processing of milk into yogurts in clusters.
We create value along the chain of both fruits and milk production and eventually give value to the community by giving children nutritious meals, eventually encouraging parents to admit more children to schools at the right school going time.