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David commented on Foster Parents Support Community

I admire your level of caring and tenacity.  Fostering a child is something I wouldn't want to do.  Perhaps I should be ashamed of myself.  The world needs more people like you.

Changemakers acknowledges "that a fundamental part of growing up with wellbeing is meeting both physical and emotional needs. As a result, parents, family members, foster parents, and other caregiving adults of all backgrounds often lack the awareness, training, or resources to provide comprehensive emotional support for the children in their lives."
They go on to say that
"innovative practitioners are changing this norm and enabling caregiving adults to care for kids’ physical safety, academic achievement, and emotional stability."

To me this means they are looking for ideas that are bridgework rather than riverwork.  Read the following for an explanation of both kinds.

While walking along a river, a passerby sees someone drowning. After pulling the person ashore, the rescuer notices another person in the river in need of help. Before long, the river is filled with drowning people, and more rescuers are required to assist the first. Sadly, some people are not saved, and many fall back into the river after they’ve been pulled ashore. At this time, one of the rescuers starts walking upstream.

"Where are you going??!! We need you here!!" the others scream.
The rescuer replies, "I'm going upstream to see why people keep falling into the river."

As it turns out, the bridge across the river has a hole through which people are falling. The upstream rescuer realizes that fixing the hole will prevent people from falling into the river in the first place.

While riverwork is necessary...and I consider what you're doing to be riverwork...riverwork wouldn't be needed if more emphasis is placed on bridgework.

Don't let this discourage you.  You are a saint for taking in foster kids.


David commented on Advancing Parenting

Thank you.  Visit to learn more about AP.  Order a parenting tip bumper sticker while you're at it.  They're free...and we pay the shipping.

FYI,  Advancing Parenting just received permission to place our parenting tips on the backs of Golden Empire Transit buses and shuttles...eighty-eight coaches and nineteen shuttles. This is an awesome opportunity.

Every vehicle with a tip is a parenting educator out in the community doing its job 365 days per year. These tips will be viewed tens of thousands of times by grandparents, mature parents, soon-to-be parents, unmarried parents, single people, teenagers, and school age children...everyone learning what good parenting is and isn't.

Thanks again!


David commented on Advancing Parenting

S. Michelle, if you would like a tip for your car, visit the website, choose the one you like, and call or email me.  We don't have a formal ordering procedure because we don't charge for the tips.  No shipping charges either.

The list is at the bottom of the home page.