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Dora commented on Canine behavior rehabilitation centre

Thank you all for your kind feedback, I do not know why, but I have not received notifications about it.

Dear Kim, in Cluj, or Romania, there are not any other similar initiatives unfortunately. The idea of promoting dogs and giving more details about behavior and how to improve the connection between dog and owner does not exist yet. Dogs are promoted for adoption still as fluffy and lovely creatures, with no defects, and no follow up is done after the adoption process is finished. This leads to abandonment, false expectations and many other problems, as you can assume.

Dear Mark, you are totally right, and I will surely use your feedback to improve our project.

Dear Bill, thank you, you are totally right, more stakeholders need to be involved to scale up our project.

Dear Marc, you are also right. Metrics always help and I will try to be more specific. Thank you!