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Duffels4Kids commented on Changing the Culture of Foster Care through Duffels4Kids

Yes, Janine Jones we order them in bulk so regional representatives can have some on hand for these emergency placements. Sometimes it doesn't work out. I had a foster mom request four duffels recently because her foster kids were being placed with their grandmother. She thought they were leaving on a Friday but they left two days earlier so we weren't able to get the duffels to them in time. Just received an email that the kids were returned to her and are now waiting on a new placement with their father so they will get the duffels after all. Foster care is definitely a very fluid system for all involved.


Duffels4Kids commented on Protecting Black Genius

Protecting Black Genius this project sounds great. It caught my interest because you aren't just bringing in speakers to "motivate" the students but you're taking them out in the real world so they can experience the dream. I'm sure you've heard "You can't be what you can't see" and your program seems to be addressing that in a big way. Another positive is engaging the parents. Sometimes the parents want more for their kids but aren't sure themselves how to help them achieve that. Kudos to you!


Duffels4Kids commented on Comfort Cases

Thanks Janine for mentioning us! Comfort Cases and A Case for Character it's great to see Maryland and California have programs similar to Florida. I hope to add a section to our website listing all organizations that provide this service in their respective states, as we get emails all the time from others wanting to know what's available in other states. Good luck on the challenge!