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Thanks for your comment. We are currently entrenched in 2 divinity schools and working closely in collaboration with others. Yes SFE&PD is a great partnership. I have been laboring with them since 2005. They celebrated last night with a big Gala in DC, their 20th anniversary. Roland Martin was the key note speaker and gave a powerful charge for the financial literacy community to become warriors in dealing with the economic issues of the underserved.
The reception of the pastoral and divinity school community has been extremely positive. As a new focus, we do indeed have our work ahead of us to get the software developed but we are definitely making inroads and seeing that behavioral and coaching focus is resonating with this population.

Thank you so much for your comment and feedback: We are working on the development of a the software, which will use a guided, self paced format. The software will be accompanied by an educational resource (book and video) that provides background concepts that gives context of the different modules in which the evaluative questionnaires and reflective work is completed.
The questionnaires apply algorithms that will return user- specific coaching feedback on behavioral aspects, such as habits and attitudes, and financial issues, such as debt to income ratios or savings rate.