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Elisabetta commented on Let's Green the Planet with Treedom

Dear Marco,

many thanks for your feedback and congratulation for your work with Inka Moss, is a great project.

To answer your question, we only plant fruit trees and shade trees, the species that we use change a lot according to the project area and frames needs. We always try to find the best solution for the environment, biodiversity and communities needs.
At the moment these are the trees we have planted: Calliandra, Grevillea, Leucena, Moringa, Markhamia, Croton, Spathodea, Avocado, Mango, Guava, Jackfruit, Neem, Tefrosia, Milicia excelsa, Bischofia javanica, Umbrella tree, Macadamia, Prunus Africana, Banano, Mangrovia, Cailcedrat, Hire, Anacardo, Ditah, Madd, Beechwood, Leucena, Linke, Arancio, Baobab,Acacia, Flamboyant, Fromager, Limone, Mandarino, Tamarindo, Teak, Passion Fruit, Pompelmo, Leucena, Mahogany, Acajou, Cassia, Cacao, Caffè, Cedro, Manguier, Jagua, Rain tree, Beechwood, Doliv, Safou, Palma, Barabdos Nut, Mimosa Africana, Karité, Ceratonia siliqua, Safou.

We are planning to expand our activities in Latin America, we usually start our operation when cooperatives, group of farmers or organizations active in rural development present us their agroforestry project that then we develop together. So if we will have contacts in future with reliable Peruvian partner we will seriously considerate to start a project there.

Best regards


Elisabetta commented on Let's Green the Planet with Treedom

Dear Rachel, many thanks for your comment we really appreciate that you like our project.


Elisabetta commented on OffGridBox

This idea really combine two important issues for rural communities, great work!