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Ellen Rombach commented on The Urban Garden Initiative

It was exciting learning about your project and how it has grown! The project seems close to home and that motivates you-- I can feel your passion in your words. It would be great to hear what sort of lessons are taught in your different programs and what results you have seen. How many gardens have been planted at your 20 schools? How much food is distributed as a result? It is great that after years of research and trying different projects you have found one that has seen such success! Keep inspiring others.


Ellen Rombach commented on The Neptune Project

Thorough understanding of the problem and your solution! It is great that you recognize there are current lead testing options and the inefficiency and cost associated with this method. You have worked to combat this problem through the litmus tests AND recognize it is not helpful to test every building everywhere. I really enjoy your two-pronged approach and energy. How do you plan on producing the litmus tests and sharing them around the country? How can you access data for other states? Great work, thank you for sharing.

Impressive solution to a very important problem. It is great to hear about the technical solution and specifics. It would also be good to hear more about your vision and what you would consider a success--filtration methods in one town or 100, would you sell the product or donate, how will you get the funds. Awesome that you have connected with various mentors and instructor for support.