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Emi commented on NeuroStroll

This sounds like a very ambitious but extremely important project. I am a cognitive neuroscience major myself, so the potential of making diagnoses for neurodegenerative diseases more accessible to the public is not lost to me. I am mainly curious as to how you plan to build trust in NeuroStroll compared to the standard diagnosis procedures from clinicians and specialists. With enough research assuring its validity, I would absolutely love to see this project make it to clinics everywhere.


Emi commented on Project Stride

I think it's great that you're fighting to provide women access to opportunity through addressing the stigma of menstruation. I think many projects aim to provide such opportunities while overlooking this roadblock.

I'm curious what makes your menstrual cup design unique from the many menstrual cups that are available on the market currently. The ability to manufacture it in the places where it is needed is perhaps the most impressive part of your project. Such an endeavor benefits the local community in terms of industry as well as addressing the original problem. I wish you the best of luck in this challenge!