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This seems like a great idea, but I am curious to learn more about the pill alternative. What type of product is it? Are there different products envisaged for different age groups (ie adolescents vs pregnant women)?

This is a really interesting model, and you have worked with an impressive number of artisans so far. The photos and video included in the application help to illustrate your work. I would like to better understand the model and how the NGO and business interrelate. Which organization does what? Why are there two entities, and how is each funded? I am also curious if you are measuring outcomes, such as income improvement for the artisans or total value brought back to the community as a result of sold goods.

Congratulations on creating a technological and logistical solution to the avoidable problem of food waste. I appreciate that you've been able to transition from a volunteer workforce (as featured in the video) to a model with paid contractors. I would like to know more about how you market the service. As more companies incorporate food waste reduction goals, I can imagine opportunities to pilot programs with corporations headquartered in NYC.