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Elizabeth commented on DUENDE.

I think this is a really creative way to help others! Makeup artists definitely don't get enough credit, and I think it's awesome that you've developed your own inclusive, unisex clothing line as well. Thank you for thinking to tackle some huge issues that don't get enough attention--anxiety, issues with image, confidence, homelessness. I love the idea of care-packages funded by the things you're passionate about. The Free Period Project is about donating excess period products from hospitals to homeless shelters. It would be so cool if DUENDE. could collaborate and include pads and tampons in their care packages! Keep up the great work!


Elizabeth commented on Community Goals Organization

I think your idea has a lot of potential--I really love that it brings homeless kids a sense of normalcy to their lives, and it brings them something they otherwise might not get a chance to be a part of. I think you have a great start going. I think it's great you can share something you love with these kids. My suggestion is to expand your program to all kinds of activities--other sports, art, maybe even a tutoring program--although keeping the focus on soccer would be cool, too.
Your idea reminds me a little of --you might be interested in checking that out for inspiration!


Elizabeth commented on The Free Period Project

Natalie Laky Exactly!! I hope that this project will not only supply women with a basic necessity, but that it will tackle the taboo and get people comfortable talking about periods. Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to me!