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This is an excellent program. I applaud your success! Having traveled to Africa and witnessed first hand the effects of cross cultural collaboration in under resourced communities, I see how your platform can expand and be effective. If you have a moment, please take a look at our work and see how our model might work within your platform for future partnerships. Our children have their own Board and create fundraisers to run the food pantry for their community peers. Good luck to you!

Nastassia I love what you are doing here. Have you approached the Leadership Foundations for assistance and resources? Or CCDA (Christian Community Development Association). They both would be great networks for you. If you would like to review our project and think about starting a food pantry model, run by the children for the children, let us know. The kids feel so good about helping others in their community and being able to be a changemaker by sitting on their own kid-led Board of Directors or being creatively involved in fundraising ideas means the world to them. They are empowered by giving back and helping others. Great job!! Can't wait to see this type of support system in EVERY neighborhood. Good luck!


Gina commented on City Connects

Mary Walsh I believe in your work and approach but have you thought about how we can "blur" the lines of culturally different groups of children by having them become leaders and changemakers in their communities by helping those less fortunate? Check out our work and let me know if you think there might be a way we could work together for the benefit of these children. The Kind Mouse is a food pantry that shows children how to lead and get involved. They have their own Board of Directors and actively come up with fundraising ideas to help children in their own community. Would love to connect and get your thoughts. Please evaluate our project too!