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Greg Rawski commented on Moneythink: College Financial Coaching

Interesting idea. Have you considered partnering with universities? Many have support systems, diversity goals, and stakeholders that may support this cause too if they could partner with you. Do students answer phone calls? Perhaps look into alumni mentors of your program for additional resources, testimonials ... they should be a strong voice for the value you are making. You mention you work with seniors, wouldn't juniors be good for this model too?


Greg Rawski commented on It’s a $pending Frenzy!

Great idea. Have you considered other factors besides expenses for financial literacy such as attaining a strong GPA, a college degree, career (income), importance of a good credit score, or the importance of saving / investing early. There are two sides to a balance sheet - you seem do be doing a good job on the expense side, perhaps add in a few features on the other. Have you connected with junior achievement? Another idea is to connect to a local / regional college. College students would be able to help you with you ideas, use as a class project, or give back to your target market. You mentioned cultural norms (just wondering what an example or two would be)? You mentioned evaluation report ... have you considered doing a pre and post test on financial literacy for your students? If you had this data, their are a number of financial institutions that may jump on board to support. Also may be good to get the student's emails and updates from simulation alumni (place on your website) - they could be a powerful voice to come back and talk to the next generation of students. Perhaps help with development too.

Perhaps partner with a local university, especially yellow ribbon schools. Students are passionate about social innovation and may be able to help in a number of ways ... social media, class projects, reviewing loans, etc. May be a good idea to put one faculty member from a university on your 10 member advisory board.