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Thank you all! Yes, we see water as a human right and the mechanism by which women step into their leadership capacity, shift gender relations, protect the vulnerable, ensure girls go to school, end disease, and eliminate violence. Investing in women who design and lead water access points for their community is one of the most effective interventions for so many other needs, and it ensures women get to direct how those needs are met too.

Excellent. Thank you!


Gretchen commented on Water from Dew

I'm fascinated with your water technology and would like to learn more about your distribution method. It sounds like you would build a big water plant. Then how is the water sold and who manages the operations and sales? Is it set up as a government municipal water infrastructure project, or are there village level plants that are managed locally? I'm also curious to know more about the capital cost and time for construction. We are looking for solutions that might be viable in Uganda and would love to know more.