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Hannah and Zoha commented on Womentum: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

Hi Prabha, Zoha and I are the co-founders of the NGO HER (Her Education is Her Right). Our mission is to build libraries for underfunded girls schools in developing countries. Thus far we have built 7 libraries in Pakistan, we are currently building a library in Morocco, and our next project will likely be in Liberia or Kenya. As we are both working to empower girls and women in impoverish countries around the world, we would be keen to share lessons learned as well as explore possible ways to collaborate. We hope the books in our libraries will give girls hope that they might one day become their own entrepreneurs and business women. Should we discover a girl with this vision and passion, it would be an honor to put them in contact with your organization.


Hannah and Zoha commented on Threading Twine

Terrific project. We love your entrepreneurial spirt and would love to discuss ways to collaborate. Thanks for your comments about HER!


Hannah and Zoha commented on Academics for All

Three cheers. Great project. A much needed service.
Hannah and Zoha (HER)