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Hector commented on Youth Climate Action Coalition

Really exciting to see how your project keeps growing. I'm quite curious about your work with Zach and Carlitos. You have found a big pain point for young people and schools and it shows in the huge amount of participation you are getting. I wonder if your pledge could be expanded to businesses (SMBs probably) that want to become more sustainable, that could help you put pressure on other groups to follow.


Hector commented on The water effect

Thank you for sharing your project, it's definitely a big issue and I'm glad you're working on it. Could you tell me more about how the bin would work? would it remain in place catching trash as the river flows or would it be more like one of those robots cleaning that go from one area to the next?


Hector commented on Techucation

I like your idea, the way the education system currently works does very little to account for all the different learning styles people have. I suggest that you test this out very simply, can you find one subject that you want to start with and test your methodology with someone, purely based on learning objectives before you start developing the VR. It's easier if you do things manually first and then just find a way to transfer it.