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Hector commented on Wind Powered Car

So many comments. Mamoudou, this is a hit! Congrats on this great initiative and the technology you're developing. I agree that a first step will be prototyping the car. I think your next step and where you can benefit the most from this challenge is building a successful model around your technology.

Thank you for sharing your idea! really like it. I would to see you develop it a little more so we can all understand more easily. Make sure to mention (a.) who you want to work with b) the main activities, and c) how those activities will have an impact


Hector commented on Transformations

Thank you for sharing your idea with us, certainly it has the potential to inspire other people to follow your program. I would also encourage you to think of other ways besides working out that can complement what your doing. The physical part is one important element, but there are also other and that can make your camps even more impactful.