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Hector commented on Sole2Soul

Great to see how much your impact has grown in the last couple of years. What are some of the partners that you're working with to collect donations? Have you considered partnering with major sporting or athletic events?


Hector commented on Precious Plastic Minnesota + 2nd Melt Solutions

Such a great idea, to tell the story of an item based on the plastic that you have collected. I am sure this also goes a long way into educating people as to the problem of ocean plastic. I see also that you have met with other people who are working on the same issue and even shared methods. I wonder if there's something you can collaborate on to multiply the work that you're all doing.


Hector commented on REFEET: Repurposed and Reimagined

Thanks for sharing your idea with us, I like how it is both a business and also an impact program, that hopefully will go a long way to ensure your organization is sustainable. Could you share more details about how the REFEET Outreach program works?