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The Monarch Master commented on Homes4Monarchs: "Spreading Seeds of Change with Action and Awareness"

Hi Brooke,
Thank you for the comment! I definitely agree!
There are many milkweed species native to the Southern U.S. and I think an integration of these native pollinator plants with the cypress swamp awareness could help more people see the value that these ecosystems have to your area!


The Monarch Master commented on Junior Wildlife Ranger

Hello Lynnea,
This is a wonderful idea! The more we can do to connect youth to our nation's wildlife refuges, the more likely we will preserve those refuges for posterity. Your organization is making this idea a reality, and I applaud you for that!
Have you ever thought of expanding to Chicago? We have a lot of natural greenspaces that could be perfect for what you are doing here. Let me know!


The Monarch Master commented on Conservation Research Board

Hi Remi,
This is an excellent concept! From my personal conservation research, I have also learned how hard it is to find a reliable hub of environmental research in a broad range of subjects, especially for younger changemakers who are not yet a part of the official scientific community. I do hope you continue your efforts and make this awesome idea into a reality!
Also, if you are ever interested in collaborating with Homes4Monarchs, please let me know. Though we are based in Chicago, we would love to help your mission by spreading pollinator awareness throughout the world!