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Thank you for taking the time to read about our program, and for sharing the link to learn more about what you are doing. It is quite impressive what you have done and the center.  I'd love to stay in touch, especially to learn more about steps you are taking to expand leadership. 


Ivette commented on Protecting Children's Futures with Prevention

Jason, thank you for contributing to this initiative.  In an effort to help you improve your project pitch, I would like to point out the following: 1) from the above information, it is not clear how individuals other than teachers will be involved in this project, 2) how does this project compare to other similar ones and what unique value does it offer?, 3) you listed anticipated future impact of this project - do you currently have qualitative or quantitative data to illustrate the impact of this project in Ohio schools?  Looking forward to your response! 

Evelyn, thank you for sharing your contribution with the childrens' wellbeing initiative.  I can see great potential in the work you are doing and can tell that it is something you are very passionate about.  I love that you shared your personal story of how you became interested in this project.  Keep up the great work!