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Thank you very much for the comment.
All the projects we initiated started with no funding at all. Native American communities in the Southwest suffer from extremely difficult economic conditions. Through our programs, we provide both technical and financial solutions at the same time. This indeed is the uniqueness of our approach and key to the success. We have leveraged almost $4 million Federal fund invested in historically underserved tribal communities in the Southwest addressing the most pressing needs. The differences we’ve made and will continue to make in these communities indicated that our approach is in support of bold ideas to increase financial well-being, ensuring communities can set financial goals, grow their personal savings, and access capital, credit, financial services, and products needed to thrive. We cannot emphasize enough that proper financing is absolutely critical. The success demonstrated within the community is a great empowerment in many meaningful ways. We organize frequent workshops and training sessions in these communities to provide financial education and business management/operation, etc. We offer 15-20 in-community workshops every year. That is the routine work we do. Again, we are proud that our program provides a holistic solution to effectively address community well-being as a whole.

Este proyecto me inspira! Great job!

Me parece muy interesante este proyecto. Esta idea no solo promueve el cultivo sotenible de nopal, sino tambien una dismunucion en los costos de producion, incremento en los ingresos de productores y una mejora en la calidad del recurso suelo!