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Jana commented on Pediatric Social Work & Home Visiting

Thanks Jessie! Nearly all of the kids we serve receive Medicaid--the challenge is moms we serve through this project rarely have insurance--so it is difficult to find free or minimal sliding fee when these moms need therapy or medical services. We are creative though!
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Jana commented on Pediatric Social Work & Home Visiting

Thanks Fred. I would love to connect with you. It was challenging at first to connect with pediatricians and get them to allow another person into their busy practice but they are overwhelmingly appreciative of the work we do with their families and are the first to write letters of support for grants/funding opportunities. As they better understand the child's home life, trauma, social emotional concerns we have seen them move towards therapy or other resources rather than diagnosing and medicating. We have a good number of providers who understand early childhood mental health but we often run into barriers of waiting lists, Medicaid/insurance issues and we also have a large Spanish speaking population with very few bi-lingual providers. Another program that I manage provides mental health consultation to childcare centers so I understand the perspective too of being the resource that kids with social emotional concerns get referred to and the challenge of working with pediatricians outside of our pediatric social work program. We see some of those same issues. Tell me more about how kids get referred to your program and the services you provide.