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John commented on Heart Centered 21st Century Learning

As the Director of the Graduate School of Education, Willamette University (retired), the focus of this program was something I described as the true purpose of education, that each teacher's real job was to pass on the best of who they were as a human being. The highest goal of teaching is to develop our students into good human beings with all the positive attributes that will result in personal happiness and contributing to our collective social well-being.  This program is providing schools with the specifics needed for educators to become conscious about their efforts to implement and monitor what they are doing as individuals and as a school to further the goal of creating good people. Historically, education had two functions - helping students develop their moral code while learning the 3-Rs. We've shifted away from teaching how to act responsibility in society with the current focus on testing, and we are seeing the result in the daily news. This is IMPORTANT work.