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Hi Brian,

You are 100% correct - water scarcity is becoming a real problem in many areas and many people are slowly realizing the effects of water scarcity on daily living.

We (as humans) recycle so much else in life, why not recycle the water we use too? Better yet if we can manage to recycle it in our own back yards.

The challenge has been to create a system that is cost effective, maintenance free and absolutely amazing at what it does.

Thank you for your feedback and wishes!

All the best.

Hi Mona Lisa,

Thank you for your comment - we appreciate the feedback!

In South Africa, individuals are freely allowed to collect rainwater and are actually encouraged to conserve as much water as possible. The agricultural industry in South Africa is relatively large and relies heavily on municipal water provision. Therefore when the rainfall is very low in certain parts of the year, these agricultural industries turn to private borehole drilling as an alternative.

This however isn't a sustainable practice and thus we are promoting affordable rainwater catchment and greywater technology to effectively recycle water and use it in production instead of fresh water.

We had recently been working in a nearby rural area helping them with water and sanitation services. Many of these areas do not have adequate water services and thus we have been trying to devise a system that could potentially help them.

We are hoping that rainwater tanks and greywater systems will become compulsory in South Africa as this would significantly decrease the demand on the countries fresh water reserves.

Thank you for the information and wishes!

Kind Regards