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Thank you! We have received inquiries about establishing chapters domestically and internationally, and will soon begin exploring these partnerships to expand the reach of CYAP. We will absolutely continue to grow our social media presence as well - it truly is a powerful forum for disseminating information that can effect change within our communities.

Thank you so much! As for your question, we have various forms that we send to people in the days or weeks following our interaction with them. Based on the specific event we interacted with them during, we ask different questions that target the manner in which their mindset changed with regards to the topics we discussed with them. In addition, we ask whether they have made any specific lifestyle changes (purchasing locally-grown produce, biking or walking to a frequently-visited location, etc.) as a result of our presentation. Finally, we ask them whether they have brought up the topic of sustainability with their friends, family, or colleagues. Some of the most frequent actions we hear through these forms are: reducing electricity and water usage (by being more conscious or by replacing inefficient appliances), thinking more about the carbon footprint of a product, and actively researching in more depth about climate change and environmentalism.

Thank you so much for the kind words! What you described is precisely what we are trying to cultivate through our community engagement initiatives. We will make sure to simultaneously raise awareness about the existence of youth groups that are working to combat the climate crisis as well. Again, thank you for the feedback :)