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Kim commented on myMentor

Great idea and great proposal! I love that you are trying to help other students have a better life road map through mentorship. Have you checked out They've got a very similar model; wondering how yours is different? You might study their model and figure out how to improve it. You might also check out "PeerLift," another changemaker challenge submission that incorporates mentoring into their model. Lots of potential collaborations out there - I can't wait to see where you take this idea!


Kim commented on Youth for Politics

Sophie - great idea and great start! I love that you are taking your experience of disconnection from politics and turning it into a positive opportunity for youth civic engagement. I like that you are approaching this from a few angles including online education/dialog, networking events, and classroom presentations. You will inspire the next generation of voters and civic activists! I can't wait to see you take this to the next level.


Kim commented on Wavve

Riya and team; you're onto something big and off to a great start! I really like how your incubation model includes support resources to help the entrepreneur with all the things they might not be great at, like marketing, or fundraising, or financial projections. It takes a village, and you're creating that village - well done! Can't wait to see how far you take this idea! Also check out another VC incubator idea for youth: Open Seat Ventures.
Ripe for collaboration!