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Clarice Bugo - Kionge commented on Trade transparency for sustainable supply chains

Meeting TruTrade in 2016 reminded me of a several discussions held in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania almost a decade ago, with an aim of providing a win-win situation for all the key actors addressing market linkages between the buyer and the small holder farmers. Seeing the discussion live in TruTrade and in a more refined way, is indeed thrilling.

The Trade Transparency Service (TSS) offered by TruTrade, provides a platform that not only creates business opportunity for all the actors at that level, but makes every actor earn fair and transparently calculated income, while answering the overarching goal of Agribusiness in Africa, making markets work for the poor, the smallholder farmers.

TruTrade is thus a great initiative towards Creating Shared Value within Agricultural Value Chains in East Africa, and worth considering for this prize!