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Karl Lehman commented on Take Charge! Medically based parent education & training.

Brittany, thank you for your comments.

We do not have a set "curriculum."  Instead, we have set components.  A multi-disciplinary team including a licensed nurse and MSW/LMSW/LCSW partner with the family to design a unique curriculum that ties all of the requisite components together.  The individualized curriculum is documented in practical family centered tool we call the "Independence Book."

The heart of the program is the development of the family's ability to manage the child's complex care requirements, successfully.  We become an extension of the hospital or pediatric specialist, working in the home, guiding parents towards care compliance and family sustainability.  Common adverse factors include low income, social isolation, parental exhaustion and poor mental health, lack of support services in the home, poorly performing IEPs and other school-based services, lack of care skills, lack of medical equipment/supply resources, poor housing environments, to name a few.

The impact of a medically complex child on a family can be severe.  Among the Medicaid eligible children we served, 98% had incomes under 100% of the Federal Poverty Rate (47% had incomes under 50%). 

I would enjoy talking with you soon.

All the best