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Karla commented on Whole Child Manatee

Hi Pat, the integration of your project across multiple sectors is quite commendable.  It appears that you weren't able to complete the impact section of your submission.  Could you elaborate on the specific impact and ongoing sustainability of your project so far?


Karla commented on LOVE (Learning Opportunities Valuing Everyone)

Hi Leslie, thanks so much for being a change maker.  This project reminds of the evidence based approach love and logic, but with a focus on children and youth. This is surely something that is needed more for youth to build tolerance, empathy acceptance and also resilience.  Good luck with your project.

Rick, I love that your project captures the positive impact of understanding ACES in community settings.  Though this study came about some time ago, not enough focus is placed on assessing and understanding risk, or averting its impact.  I wish you the best of luck in your program.