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lucia commented on Ice for Water

I would definitely think about being an ambassador at my home rink what I have to do?


lucia commented on Fourteen Reasons Why NOT

Girls, I think that this is a great idea especially with things that go around today I hope this gets far, its needed. Good luck!

Hi, I think that this is a great idea and really needs to be taken to the next level. I live in Colorado and have played ice hockey all my life and at the YMCA we have a team called the "Ice Wizards" that is a hockey team just for kiddos with special needs and disabilities. I have gone out on the ice with them a few times to help out and they are just the sweetest kids in the world and have the biggest smile on there face. Also at my High School we have a basketball team for the special needs kids and they have practices, games and the entire schools support. It's just great to see that. I think things like this need to be all over the world, just because someone is different than one of us does not mean they should not be given the same opportunity as us. Good luck!