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Leah commented on Reducing Water Contamination


You are absolutely Brilliant! Your water sensor can stop epidemics of disease before they start. Given the tools and resources you need you will not only change Sudan, but you will change the world. Keep reaching for greatness!


Leah commented on Rescue The Rescue


I love your passion around saving animals. My fur baby is going to get an extra treat after reading your entry! I would love to see you create adoption drives for wonder animals waiting to be placed. Set up a Facebook or Instagram to feature your rescue of the day so people know who is ready to go home to make more room in the rescue. I loved the idea keep raising awareness and saving those fur babies!!


Leah commented on Human2HumanEDU


Two words GIRL POWER! Human trafficking is a horrendous institution and I think it is absolutely wonder that you have found a way to proactively prevent women from ever entering sex work in the Asia Pacific. Combining technology and human dignity for a woman to earn money and maintain self respect without having to compromise herself to make ends meet is wonderful. The culture exchange between people learning and communicating thousands of miles apart yet so close through a laptop, IPad , or phone screen is beautiful. Great job Brianna !