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Latrell commented on @BD1FFERENT (Inspiring Young People to Be Different)

love what yall are doing! My project is similar, my mother was a drug, father was killed when I was 10, and never met him. Because of that I was a kid who had access to multiple drugs from the time I was 9 years old. But I choose to be different, like you are trying to help the youth do, and went on to eventually graduate and play football at a Division 1 program in Michigan. These kids are in desperate need of guidance. I watched my friends when I was with at 10 years old do drugs and drink and I choose to leave them. What you guy are doing gives kids hope. Get back in contact with me, we can definitely benefit from talking some more.

Latrell Struggleb4Glory 


Latrell commented on Student Lending that Keeps on Giving

This is a great way to help kids get off the streets! I love the fact that you guys help to get these young students into college and give them the opportunity to grow and thrive! As a foster kid myself there where was a time in my life I didn't know if I would ever have an opportunity to go to college. The fact your program lends hands to students is amazing keep rocking!!

-Latrell Struggleb4Glory 


Latrell commented on Mic'd

I really like this idea! It is important for kids to have a voice, especially in the middle of hardships. I like the mic night, you were talking about, where the youth have opportunity to speak. I write and recite spoken word which is a form of poetry in hopes of communicating with others in a different way. My project aims to help the youth as well, and I like your approach to giving kids a voice, if I could be of any help let me know! I think it would be awesome to see some of the youth exercise their creative mind and recite or even write their own forms of poetry!

Best of luck!

-Latrell Struggleb4Glory