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Lisa commented on Economics Education Initiative (EEI)

Aditya Desai  I absolutely love your idea and and the well laid out plan of attack you have for helping young people through EEI. The combination of having both educational workshops and mobile apps that help educate underprivileged young people about financial literary is fantastic! Capitalizing on gamification really helps drive your message home and engages your audience. Financial literacy is incredibly important and sadly, very much under educated in today's school curriculum. Your entire submission and presentation was very well rounded and engaging. Best of luck!


Lisa commented on EasyFlo

Alissa Chavez You are quite the entrepreneur! This product sounds fantastic and overall, your submission was great. I would have loved to see the actual bottle, though! Even if you don't have a prototype yet, are their sketches or drawings that show how it works? You did a good job of explaining it, but as a non-parent, I would have liked to have something that clearly demonstrates the old process versus the new process with your bottle. Best of luck!

Mariam Rizvi Hi Mariam! I think the idea of having youth help support and provide mentorship to other youth in foster care is admirable. You have some solid ideas on next steps you want to take to expand your reach, but I would love to see more details on what that day to day involvement would look like from those folks who are participating in your program as mentors. How would you recruit people? Where would your funding would come from to train your volunteers on being mentors and handling trauma and difficult conversations? Best of luck!