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Simply by viewing, Kelly was drawn into Eleanor's art. The conversation that followed included talking about the process. Encaustic work is wonderful in this way, reminiscent of a rhythmic dance - with hot wax, blow torches, carving instruments.   Talking about the process that gives encaustic art its characteristic depth and feeling became the vehicle for a more personal discussion.  
While Barnstone Art for Kids was incorporated in 2011, 2015 was our first year of the Power of Art program. This program was developed after a 12 month strategic plan analyzing our mission, programs, the unmet need in the community and the growing health concern for family with high ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). In 2015 Barnstone Art for Kids directly enrolled 18 children in the Power of Art, 6 began in January, 3 in June and 9 in September. Additionally, Barnstone mentors travelled to a domestic violence center to serve 31 more children. We have begun tracking results. The data on our first 5 children to complete the program (one of children from the January start only completed 6 weeks of the program) looks amazing! Uniformly, each child improved in all five domains evaluated- Communication skills, Social Skills, Problem solving, Creativity, and Craftsmanship. The data for the June and September group is still being collected and evaluated.