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Mary Dupont commented on $tand By Me Financial Empowerment Program

Thanks Chris! It's been so exciting seeing how everyone has jumped into the effort with a full heart. I understand your concerns about government priorities, but economic security is not just about money. It's about health, housing, kids, education... you name it. As long as we understand the self-interest of our partners in our relationships and address their goals, everyone is committed to making this work. When employees have less financial stress, they perform better. When people see that it is possible to make progress on the debt and credit situations, they are motivated to advance to home ownership. This is the case with everyone we serve. When we remove the barriers and stress that people experience from economic insecurity, they do better in other parts of their lives and suddenly, employers, state agencies, and educational institutions get it! Also, we got a bill passed in the state legislature in 2015 that codified an Office of Financial Empowerment at the Dept of Health and Social Services, so this will live on from one Administration to the next! I'd love to talk to you about replication potential in Maine. Let me know if you'd like to follow up. Thanks!