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Maud Schaafsma commented on Heart Centered 21st Century Learning

I'm responding to your recent note - our exchange isn't listed here. I'm very interested in learning more about what you are doing in schools in VA. I think reading a description of the program or "rubric" is a first step to achieving a sound grasp of your framework/model/approach.  Would you share a copy of your 55 page document on the rubric? I tried to link to it on-line - unsuccessfully. Here is my email address"  

Are you familiar with Dr. Pam Cantor's initiative in schools in NYC, Newark and DC - TurnAround for Children? When I have an email address for you I will share a couple of papers and a project document - Building Blocks for Kids. I'd be interested in creating an opportunity for people working in this area to come together and talk/think about how we can rethink the paradigm of what an elementary school is in urban high poverty communities. 

I think your program is a strong competitor in the Child Wellbeing Project. 

My Best


Maud Schaafsma commented on A Brighter Tomorrow

While your intention is to benefit children's performance in math - this description of the problem and solutions does not tell us how the software functions to achieve this goal. We need to understand what children are doing in everyday practice to improve their learning in math.  


Maud Schaafsma commented on RisingTigers Project

I think you need to work on creating  a stronger and more persuasive argument that children as young as 5 (kindergarten) - 10 (5th grade) have a serious problem in not knowing about finance and economics. As you no doubt are aware there are many immediate and serious problems that create  threats to children's well-being - especially for children growing up in poverty. You are competing with these complex social problems. And you need to show why your interest in financial knowledge should be a priority above dealing with trauma, obstacles to learning, hunger and housing insecurity (for example).