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Maxie commented on DriveAWARE

Summer, I never realized how necessary a program like this would be until reading your plan! I've been in a car accident before and it is one of the most scariest things a person can live through. Not knowing the outcome, your loved ones being hurt, your own fractures. It's a frightening experience, and the more we can prevent unnecessary deaths the better! Keep contacting local schools and even travel outside your area. This initiative definitely deserves exposure.


Maxie commented on The Aluminum Can Project

Anika, I am so proud of you! I love to see women building up other women. You could also partner with any of those organizations you said were already established. This will build a sense of community on top of recycling and women empowerment!


Maxie commented on OUR CHILDREN OUR FUTURE

Jacqueline, I am so enthused with the progress you have already completed! The community I am working to make a change in is quite similar to yours. I feel that there are some groups that tend to be forgotten about at times and I love that you are taking the initiative to make an huge difference. Please keep it up, and I suggest connecting with your local food bank. I know the Middle Georgia Food Bank actually does backpack lunches and back to school drives. Check it out!