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Mamoudou commented on AntiVan Band

This is a great initiative keep up the great work brother! I've also come about to how effective AMBER alerts and "missing person newspapers" are if know see's what happened. But, this initiative will 100% guarantee findings of abducted people. Continue this work and don't give. Also, you could in the future try to present to security companies such as ADT.The could totally back up your idea and probably sell them to their customers. Good luck!


Mamoudou commented on Bags of Books

Wow! This is amazing Alexa Grabelle ! It's a blessing project, I am in great awe due to your understanding of the importance of reading and knowledge. I would be glad to support this project all the way. I hope you can expand internationally one day so that the youth in third-world countries, such as my home country Guinea, will have access to such necessities. You could also hold programs and workshops to teach youths to possibly write books and explore being an author. That way they could write books and donate to other kids to learn from. That would be a huge ripple effect. Good job!


Mamoudou commented on Vaayu

Extremely intelligent and well-thought out idea, I love it Achintya Kumar and I love how you recognize the issue of pollution in our world today. Not just that, but you're tackling it in a new way! I would love to work with you in the near future to help solve the issue of pollution in our world!