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Melissa commented on Sports & Arts Camp

What a wonderful initiative -- the pictures speak for the project itself!  Thank you for sharing!


Melissa commented on We3 health

Dear Scott and Brittany, I am incredibly inspired by your We3Health to inform, empower, and educate parents. What a wonderful initiative. I am an applied linguist and do work on the benefits of bilingualism for children. My co-PI (a neonatal nurse) and I are currently conducting a funded study that is so far showing that bilingualism can help preemies in the area of executive function. This, despite the fact that teachers and doctors so often tell Hispanic parents that they should switch to English only with their preterm-born children. It would be wonderful to get in touch and perhaps even collaborate with you both some day. (If anything, just to join hands in informing parents!).

My name is Melissa Baralt, and I am at Florida International University in Miami. ( Thank you for sharing your heart-felt story, and mostly, thank you for all that you do for our community. 


Melissa commented on Minneapolis Somali Community Autism Cooperative

I really appreciate how you include children's independent communication measures, but also, parental stress. Thanks so much for sharing and for all that you do!