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It's nice to meet you Lacey!  I commend all the work you are doing to make fresh food a natural part of these children's lives - at the earliest of ages!  As you know we are working on an initiative with similar goals so I would love to learn more and talk about potential collaborations!  You are hitting a lot of angles and I can't wait to learn more!!  All my best, Lisa

I love what you are doing - we have to focus on the whole child to give kids the opportunity to be their best selves.  It's not one thing that makes a difference but a collaboration of healthy options that change their lives.  As a yoga person myself, I think practicing is one of the most important things we can do to live happier lives.  And if kids can learn that early, imagine what they can do!  Expressing my gratitude for your work!


Lisa commented on All About Food

Per your question about produce sourcing, partnerships are the cornerstone of Brighter Bites, and to that end we partner with local food banks and rely on their sourcing expertise for the produce.  We are fortunate to be able to leverage their skills in this department.