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Milo Knell commented on Global warming

Hi Skye,

Global warming is a huge issue and we need to stop the ice caps from melting, I am very interested in the science behind global warming. The IPCC wrote a great report for people who aren't as comfortable with primary literature, they provide a lot of ideas for how to slow down global warming. I know you are in the idea phase, you could take some of the ideas they propose and put them into action! You can find their website here


Milo Knell commented on Sexual Education

Hi Katelin,

I love your project! You connect it very well to your life, and this is a huge issue. So many schools do a bad job of teaching about safe sex. My advice for you would be to contact other organizations teaching teens about STDs and see what you like and don't like about what they are doing. I love your project and I think it has lots of potential!


Milo Knell commented on Quantifying Media Bias with Artificial Intelligence

Hi Salma,

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, political polarization is a huge issue in the US and the world, and I can't wait to see where my project goes.