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Very nice idea for a social business! Do you know how long it takes for the banana pads to naturally degrade compared to traditional pads? Great that you're making the pads available at a lower price for rural residents. Good luck with your initiative!

Hi Sam, it's great to hear about your integrated approach to protect the environment and improve farmers' income! One question: how are authorities involved in the project? Do you also pursue advocacy level activities to convince the authorities to promote the model as part of their policy? If yes, how did you engage them and what has been your experience with it?


Minh commented on Producers Direct - by farmers for farmers

Hi Katie, can you tell me more about the WeFarm tool and other ICT4Ag digital tools that you use to involve youth? At Rikolto in Vietnam, we're exploring various ways to engage young people in agribusiness & agricultural production, particularly for rice & vegetables. Would be great to get some insights from you on how these tools can be used to make the agricultural sector more attractive to the youth (both male & female). Thanks!